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I have started an outreach Bible study in our gym during the Sunday School hour. I am training our Bible study leaders to use your Good Questions that go with the LifeWay’s Life Truths series. I have trained 10 people to be table leaders for three weeks and we are now ready for outreach.

Adult Bible Classes. Visitor’s Class In this class we will take a serious look at what we MUST do to be saved. those who desire a refresher course in 1st principles of Christianity, and those who never experienced an investigation of the scriptural reasons you became a Christian. This class will provide an in-depth exploration, in an.

Community Bible Study classes for adults are offered either during the day or in the evening. Our classes all follow the same format, so you won’t be surprised! And, you can sometimes find a specialized group (like a young adult group, a group for adults with special needs, and a group for non-English speakers) that meets as part of the class.

Since 1941, the Adult Bible Class (with the exception of close to a year) has been broadcast live over WHOP radio in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. With the imminent coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we have but a short time to share the gospel before what the Bible calls “the Consummation of the Age”.

Free online bible courses offer Christian oriented learning, spiritual inspiration with courses in book of Genesis, bible Prophecy, Fundamentals of the Faith, Book of Revelation, Life of Christ, and more.