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Sudbury School of Dance is a studio in Sudbury, Ontario that provides training in Russian style classical ballet, modern dance and jazz.

Dance Evo Family! At Dance Evolution, our team is our family. Read more about us and our amazing instructors! Our Family. Learn more about our. Studio Programs. From beginner to advanced, we have a variety of studio programs for everyone. Studio Programs. We've got the moves. Styles & Techniques.

Sudbury School of Dance offers classes in ballet, jazz and modern. Dancers ages 3 to adult enjoy small class sizes and excellent instruction. For over 30 years we have been teaching classes that reflect excellence and quality for all students.

Since 1973 for over 45 years, Claire's School of Dancing in Sudbury ON, has been providing certified educational and technical dance lessons to all age groups.

The kids are doing it – why not you! At Dance Evolution, we think that it’s never too late to start dance. Dancing is a great cardio activity, a fun evening out, improves coordination and ensures you will rock the dance floor at the next wedding you attend! No experience is necessary. Sign up today for our adult .