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Most adult fantasy camps offer one sport that is played over and over again, such as basketball or baseball. Participants at the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp can compete in up to fifteen different sports and competitions, all at a self-contained sports complex facility. Where is the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp? The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Camp currently has 2 locations, one in Los Angeles and one in .

USA Luge is offering a fantasy camp at Lake Placid, the site of both the 19Winter Games, and for $2000, you can learn how to slide down an icy run on your own.

Football: You might think that a football fantasy camp could be a bit dangerous. You're right. That's why most football fantasy camps stick with flag or touch football games, as they do at the New England Patriots camp. Participants in football camps can expect to learn how to draft a team, run drills and learn strategies.

Los Angeles Galaxy Adult Fantasy Camp One of the more successful franchises in Major League Soccer, the Los Angeles Galaxy, has their fantasy camp at their home pitch, The Home Depot Center near Los Angeles, for 5 days each December.

Jan 14, 2017 · There was an interesting offshoot from this camp. some PSU campers got the idea to challenge some ND fantasy campers before the '06 game out there, and then again before the '07 game at PSU. From an article I read, it was great fun for all, except that ND won both games. If anyone on here remembers David Lipson, he took part in the camps.