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2019 Portland Adult Soapbox Derby: 8/17/19 10am to 4pm. CAMARADERIE, COMPETITION, AND COMMUNITY. The Portland Adult Soapbox Derby is a volunteer-fueled community event traditionally held the third Saturday of August.

Dec 18, 2012 · Adult Soapbox Kart. This guide will teach you the basic design aspects you’ll need to consider in order to make yourself a road-worthy gravity-powered vehicle. Full suspension on go-kart wheels, driver restraints, a rigid frame with roll bar, and balanced drum brakes are features of the example kart I’ve built. It weighs in at under 100lb.

How to Make a Gravity-Powered Car. A lot of physics is about the tradeoff between potential and kinetic energy, and gravity-powered cars are an excellent demonstration of this, as well as being fun to race. While the most famous variety of these cars is usually associated with .

Adult Gravity racing has been taking place in cities and regions around the United States for decades. The organizations range from “Outlaw Racing” where a group will secretly meet on a public road, race get loaded up and out of the area before the Police arrive, to a series where companies like Bentley and Lotus put their best design engineers to build cars to compete with other car companies.

Reading Gravity Racing League has 636 members. this page is for anyone interested in promoting the sport of Gravity racing. a gravity racer is a none.