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Adult Learning Center is Non-profit of the Year At the 16th Annual Eminence Awards, sponsored by the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, the 2nd Annual Breakfast With Our Best a Huge Success!   The name Adult Learning Center seems to make clear the mission of the over.

Adult Learning Center in Spartanburg, SC assists adult learners in preparing for their GED test. Call us today at 864-562-4100 to learn about our classes.

The Adult Learning Center is a school for people looking to earn their GED or High School Equivalency Diploma. Our students come to the ALC seeking to improve their lives. They may have been shut out of better-paying work opportunities, denied promotions at their current jobs, or they may simply want more confidence in their ability to support their own children (or grandchildren) with their homework.

Adult Learning Center in Spartanburg, SC is an organization led by community leaders who are passionate about providing quality education. Call 864-562-4100.

Welcome to the Adult Learning Center Our goal is to see you succeed. Regardless of your background, you deserve a good education, and the opportunity to get the job you want. Give us a call: 907-375-6000.