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A Treatment Approach That Works Residential treatment offers high-quality, long-term mental health care within a structured, homelike setting that contributes to healing and a sense of community. In fact, residential care offers adults with mental illness a number of advantages over other mental health treatment settings.

Adult Mental Health. The Adult Mental Health Services Division delivers a range of treatment services from outpatient to inpatient levels of care in order to provide compassionate, safe, timely and effective behavioral health services for individuals with mental health disabilities.

Adult Outpatient Mental Health When mental illness impacts your life and the people around you, Rushford’s outpatient treatment programs can help. Our expert team of therapists and board-certified psychiatrists create individualized treatment plans that help you develop the skills and tools to improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Home» DBHDD Services» Mental Health & Substance Abuse» Mental Health for Adults Mental Health for Adults Our core services are designed for people with a diagnosed mental illness, and/or co-occurring substance use disorder, whose level of functioning is significantly affected by .

Adult Intensive Services. Canvas Health offers several treatment programs for adults with significant mental health challenges. They include Adult Day Treatment and Group Therapy. Adult Day Treatment. In some cases for those with significant mental health challenges, a period of intensive daily treatment is necessary to bring about meaningful.