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Spouse/Partner Group This group, serving people from all over the world, is for individuals married to or in partnership with someone with an Asperger profile. Here you will have the opportunity to offer and receive support, to strategize, and to share experiences with others in who might relate to your situation.

In seeing a lot of frustration throughout the comments.I thought it might be good to hear some thoughts from people on what they can do as the non-add partner,to help allieviate the frustrations we experience with the ADD partner.There is a lot on certain situations or how to help the ADD person,but how about personal coping mechanisms for peace.Not anything about negatives.

Osteosarcoma (Adult) What is osteosarcoma? Osteosarcoma, also called osteogenic sarcoma, is a type of bone cancer that develops in the osteoblast cells that form the outer covering of bone. It occurs most often in children, adolescents and young adults. Approximately 900 new cases of osteosarcoma are reported each year in the U.S.

Are you in a committed relationship with an ADHDer? Do you wish you could talk to other people who are ADHD adjacent? Then this is the group for you. At ADDA our mission is to to help adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder lead better lives. We believe happier marriages would be an.