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adult parole authority licensed facilities hawaii

State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety. Search this site Search. Home» Hawaii Paroling Authority. Hawaii Paroling Authority. Board Member Expectations. Member – Position No. 100979-Position Description. Hawaii Parole Section (Hilo Office) 1420 Kilauea Ave, Bay #6 Hilo, HI 96720.

Type of Facility or Agency Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Chapter Section Licensure and Certification Fees for Health Care Facilities and Agencies 103 Adult Day Care Centers 1424 Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCH) (Includes requirements for Expanded ARCH) 100.1 None Assisted Living Facility 90 None Case Management Agencies and Community [ ].

5120:1 Division of Parole and Community Services: Chapter5120:1-3. Adult Parole Authority Licensed Facilities Chapter5120:1-3. Adult Parole Authority Licensed Facilities. 5120:1-3-01. Contracting and payment reimbursement for offenders placed in halfway houses: 5120:1-3-02. Licensing requirements for a halfway house or community residential.

Hawaii Licensed Home Care Agencies Home Care Agency licensure waived pursuant to Act 0This Section is also responsible for maintaining a registry of adult residential care homes, special treatment facilities, and homes of the developmentally disabled and vacancies therein.

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. HAWAII PAROLING AUTHORITY. The Hawaii Paroling Authority (HPA) is a quasi-judicial body, which is attached to the Department for administrative purposes. The mission of this body is to 1) evaluate and grant improve the overall adult parole supervision and counseling, case management and planning, and.