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Get Chris Sutton's Psychology of Self-Defense ebook. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a police officer, or an experienced Martial Artist, this book will open your mind to a new way of thinking. Real, effective self-defense begins with a mindset. Here is your guide to developing that mindset.

Atemi Ryu Jujitsu is a traditional self defense system that has been enhanced for modern day combat/self defense situations. Our system has been taught to groups and individuals from the handicapped, to the elderly, to special forces at Ft Bragg.5/5.

Tae Kwon-Do classes & adult Self Defence training. So you’re looking for Tae Kwon-Do classes & adult Self Defence training near you? Combined Self Defence run two types of class. We teach a traditional Tae Kwon-Do Martial Arts class, where our syllabus is split into our Junior program which is available from ages 4 – 11 and our Adult and Teen Class.

Our self defense classes and training program works for people of all ages and levels of fitness because Dynamic Self-Defense is well dynamic. Our focus is on empowering you in your everyday life. While fitness and strength is important in all martial arts, it’s less important in a self-defense situation.

Whether you are well trained in self-defence or just beginning, our professional instructors will guide you every step of the way. You will soon see why this is the fastest growing self defence system spreading Europe the USA and now Australia. See the Benefits of Self Defence Classes in East Victoria Park.