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adult spyro

Get the exclusive Spyro the Dragon Adult Costume Jumpsuit. This head to toe costume will make you the dragon you always wanted to be.Brand: FUN Costumes.

Mar 07, 2019 · I prefer this slender adult spyro over the really beefy one. this just seems a much more believable to be spyro. Reply. Mar 10, 2019. XPlaysX Student Digital Artist. Sincerely, me too. I love the design Nicholas Kole has made, but I thought Spyro looked too large and beefy like you said.

I've seen plenty concepts of Spyro as an adult, and they all looks kinda the same. But your concept is unique, made in classic's style and it perfectly relates to the atmosphere of the classic Spyro. But I don't think, that this is how Spyro will look when he is 24. He looks much more older. ^_^.