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Pennsylvania has some of the toughest video surveillance laws in the United States. Even law enforcement agencies are prohibited from employing video surveillance in many situations without prior court approval. Along with limiting surveillance, Pennsylvania state law enforces harsh penalties for violating surveillance laws.

If you are planning to open a sexually oriented business (SOB), such as a strip club or an adult video store, you should be aware of zoning laws, alcohol restrictions, and other regulations unique to SOBs.For instance, local strip club laws typically prohibit such businesses from locating near schools or churches, while some ban complete nudity or the sale of alcohol.

Minimum Wage. Pennsylvania’s current minimum wage is $7.25.. For more information on Pennsylvania’s minimum wage laws, visit our Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Laws page, which includes topics such as minimum wage, tip minimum wage, tip sharing and pooling, and subminimum wages.. Related topic covered on other pages include.

Section 9A: Special permits for adult bookstores, adult motion pictures theaters, adult paraphernalia stores, adult video stores or establishments which display live nudity Section 9A. Zoning ordinances or by-laws may provide for special permits authorizing the establishment of adult bookstores, adult motion picture theaters, adult paraphernalia stores, adult video stores or establishments.