- benefits of adult education programes


benefits of adult education programes

Dec 23, 2014 · The most basic type of adult education is adult literacy. These types of courses help improve adult’s reading, writing and comprehension skills, which can improve their chances of accomplishing work-related goals or, simply, personal goals. The Adult Education and Literacy System (AELS) is a popular mode of achieving this goal.

Jan 29, 2007 · The benefits of adult education for cognitive ability in late midlife, although modest, have implications beyond increasing a skilled labor market and may help to delay cognitive decline, with potentially important benefits for independence, social integration, and well-being in later life (Panza et al., 2005). Verbal ability, a proxy for Cited by: 81.

Adult continuing education programs are fast becoming a trend in almost all professional spheres. An added benefit of undertaking adult education is that students get a chance to meet new people, build their social networks, and forge business relationships.

The benefits of adult education Adult education is a very good way to help sustain and improve society; it is relatively low cost and can easily be justified by it’s many benefits. However, in recent years government funding for adult education courses has plummeted.