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Jan 04, 2013 · Crucible is the container that holds the solid aluminum parts until it turns into molten metal. The foundry crucible has to be solid enough to withstand the high temperature without breaking. A bad crucible could result in loosing all the molten metal at the bottom of the furnace.Author: Flamingfurnace.

The crucible device 20 is designed to be a bottom pouring crucible and is of particular value in handling nonferrous metals and specifically highly corrosive metals such as molten aluminum. An appropriate furnace 22 is provided with a central chamber to hold the molten metal 23 which has been heated in Cited by: 5.

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A crucible is a pot that is used to keep metals for melting in a furnace. Furnace crucibles are designed to withstand the highest temperatures encountered in the metal casting works. The crucible should essentially be made of materials with a much higher melting point than that of the materials to be melted.

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