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Unfortunately older adults, especially those from certain racial and ethnic groups, underuse these services. 4. Professionals, paraprofessionals, as well as paid and unpaid caregivers need basic and continuing geriatric education to improve care for older adults. 5. Chronic Illness. Physical activity can help prevent disease and injury.

Care for Older Adults Assessment Codes and Descriptions Advance Care Directive: Documentation of an advance care plan and/or an advance care planning discussion in the medical record. Medication Review: A comprehensive medication review during the calendar year and the presence of a medication list in the medical record signed and dated by a prescribing provider or clinical pharmacist.

Process of care is also particularly relevant to quality of care for older adults. Many older adults are burdened by sensory and/or cognitive limitations that limit their ability to hear, see, and/or understand their medical circumstances. Extra effort should be made to convey information in a manner that is accessible to each patient.,Cited by: 2.

As the population ages, physical and cognitive function can decline and pain becomes more prevalent. Older adults may also have more complex medication regimens. Consideration should be given to an individual’s own choices about end-of-life care; advance care plans should be executed.

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