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Jul 27, 2006 · Complaining is a way to release some mental exhaustion. He knows better than to complain at work, so that's why he complains at home. Although it may not be fun to listen to, he is still your loving father who has put up working himself so hard for so many years. Work is a very physical and mentally challenging thing to do.98%(8).

Let’s face it, “No” gets a reaction. Kids thrive on the connection they have with you, and if a child is always negative, they will usually get a reaction from their parents. As odd as it sounds, sometimes the negativity spewing from your child’s lips is not meant to sound as bad as it does.

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Complaining about social care services You may have several options to make a complaint about adult social care services. One option is to use the complaints procedure, or you may be able to report your concerns to a different organisation, for example, the Local Government Ombudsman or the regulatory body of the professional involved.