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To find the right place in the Sunshine State, young adults need to look closely at potential communities to figure out which ones are fun and thriving, and which might be more attractive to the 80-and-over set. We made the search easy for you by narrowing down the 10 best Florida cities for the younger crowd. Study Methodology.

Programs & Funding. Disability Rights Florida is a federally mandated agency, funded by the Administration for Children and Families, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Rehabilitation Services Administration, the Health Resources and Services Administration, and the Social Security Administration.

An adolescent is defined as any person between the ages of 9-18. Adolescence is a unique developmental time in the lifespan of every individual, characterized by distinct and dramatic physical, social, emotional and intellectual changes. The physical and emotional changes that take place in adolescence are second only to the extensive changes that take place in infancy.

2. An adult family or group home, licensed by the state, provides housing and care services for up to six adults in a regular house in a residential neighborhood. Some residential care facilities provide specialized care to people living with developmental disabilities, dementia, or mental illness.

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