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how to play piano for adult

Learning to Play the Piano as an Adult. Why It Is Never Too Late to Start “I wish I had started earlier ” said my sister-in-law sitting at her keyboard. “Well, you've still got about fifty years to go.” I replied with a smile. She nodded and proudly told me about her recent progress.

Samuel West, a British actor and director, recently regained his interest in piano-playing after 30 years, and bought himself a piano to start anew. He said, “‘As an adult you’re much more knowledgeable about your own moods, so it becomes much more possible to use music as a way to express yourself. If I have a little piece I can play, I.

Dec 29, 2016 · What learning piano in my twenties taught me — and why you should try it. Rob Price. Dec. 29, 2016, 4:19 AM An envelope. It indicates the ability Author: Rob Price, Business Insider UK.