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Welcome to the Open Adoption Experience I’m an Adult Adoptee Raised in Open Adoption. Hi, I’m Kat. Many times I feel that others think open adoption is the ideal solution to an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.It is said that, compared to a closed adoption, the open door in adoption allows the adoptee to go into a better situation where there is family and financial stability while.

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Likewise, adult adoptees who have contact with their birth families don't have to exhaust time or resources searching for their biological parents. Support System. Depending on the level of openness and the involvement of the extended birth family, an adoptee in an open adoption might benefit from having a broader base of supporters.

The adult adoptee has spent years listening to how others feel about the adoption and why the decision to adopt or make an adoption plan was made. It is now .

The Adult Adoptees Experience of Open Adoption. I don’t pretend to be an expert on open adoption because I did not relinquish Max to an open adoption.. In 1987, I had never heard the words “open adoption” and I do not think I did until I got online in 2001 and began the long painful progress of de-fogging or as I like to say “getting a strong dose of adoption truth anecdote to the all.