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Research on Adult Learners in College Classrooms. A number of studies have explored the characteristics of adult learners in the college classroom, providing substantial but not unqualified support for the assumptions linked to the theoretical frameworks of adult .

• approach when teaching and supporting adult learners; • critically analyse common teaching situations in order to improve practice. The teaching of adult learners brings with it its own challenges and rewards. This is borne out of the authors’ experiences in studying .

Supporting Adult Learners. VSAC helps Vermont adults access learning opportunities. If you’re a Vermont adult looking for help to go back to college or a training program to continue your learning—and you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree—you’ve come to the right place. VSAC’s Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) is a.

Understanding and Supporting Adult Learners: A Guide for Colleges and Universities [Frederic Jacobs, Stephen P. Hundley] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Understanding and Supporting Adult Learners offers faculty and administrators a hands-on guide to the myriad issues adult learners face in their enrollment and participation in higher education.Cited by: 9.

The characteristics and needs of adult learners differ in many ways from those of young learners. Adults are used to making decisions on their own, have a wealth of life experiences and many responsibilities, and typically want to apply what they learn to their present lives.