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Research is finding that for some types of cancer, young adults may have better outcomes if treated with pediatric, rather than adult, treatment regimens. Young adults who have a cancer that typically occurs in children and adolescents, such as brain tumors, leukemia, osteosarcoma, and Ewing sarcoma, may be treated by a pediatric oncologist.

If you are looking for publications or educational materials geared towards young adults coping with cancer, feel free to check out our list of fact sheets and connect booklets on our website. Coping With Cancer as a Young Adult – Fact Sheet. Coping With Cancer as .

Dealing with cancer while in the workplace may be a concern for you. In these two “Moving Forward” videos from ASCO and the LIVESTRONG Foundation, learn more about job-related issues from oncology experts and young adult survivors. Health insurance coverage is a particularly important issue to.

If your parent has cancer, you may feel torn between independence as a young adult and helping your parent. Caregiving can be a rewarding way to reconnect with parents. It may also limit your freedom and ability to explore new opportunities.As a caregiver, you may be concerned about how to provide support with limited time and resources.

Stupid Cancer offers a lifeline to the young adult cancer community by connecting them to age-appropriate resources and peers who get it. Our mission is to empower adolescents and young adults affected by cancer by ending isolation and building community.