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Very cute pug puppy licking computer screen monitor dog lick screen cleaner

Virtual Dog Screen Cleaner. Let our resident dog Zooey go to work cleaning on cleaning your computer screen virtually. She works to clean your screen digitally by us rubbing peanut butter on a clear glass window. Is our virtual dog not cutting it for you? Well then the best way to clean your computer or laptop screen at home is with.

Dog Licking Screen. This Licking Dog screensaver consists of a looping video of a real pug that licks a glass pane, giving the impression that it is, in fact, licking your screen from the inside. However, your screen may not appear much cleaner afterwards. Sound effects are not included.4.5/5(265).

Clean your screen here for free. It takes just a few minutes and you'll have a sparkling clean new display! Our screen cleaning dog is sure to keep your screen spic .

Dog Screen Cleaner, is a incredible and funny Live Wallpaper. Displays an adorable puppy, licking the screen of your smartphone.BEST ON PHONE AND.

Funny kid songs: This cute pug can clean your computer screen any time. He may not make much progress, but he's very cute (and a little ugly!) while he's doing it!