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If you need help with breast lumps or breast cancer and surgery, we have the techniques and care to get you back to optimum health. Come visit our Boulder Breast Center today, and see why our care is among the best in the region.

Breast surgeon, Richard J. Fox, MD, FACS is a Board-Certified General Surgeon in private practice in Boulder, Colorado since 2002.

Boulder Plastic Surgery specializes in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our innovative techniques allow for great results and a short recovery!

Denver Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Swail specializes in cosmetic surgical procedures of the face, body and breast, as well as many non-invasiveprocedures. He is a leading Denver Plastic Surgeon. To view Dr. Swail's beautiful before & after photos, click on the thumbnails below for the photo gallery of your choice.

The technique used to reduce the size of your breasts will be determined by your individual condition, breast composition, amount of reduction desired, your personal preferences and the surgeon’s advice. Here at Boulder Plastic Surgery, our surgeons have extensive training and experience in breast reduction surgery for removing excess skin Location: 2525 4th Street, Suite 200, Boulder, 80304, CO.