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The low profile implant shell is wider (larger diameter) and flatter (less height or depth) than  moderate profile breast implants. This implant style is commonly used for women who have a wide, broad chest frame. The extra width of the implant shell will fill the chest anatomy correctly, achieving a natural look and realistic cleavage.

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Jan 02, 2014 · The low profile breast implant is 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter and 2.2 cm (a little less than an inch) tall. The mid profile is 8.9 cm wide and 2.8 cm tall. The high profile is 8.3 cm wide and 3.5 cm tall. When Breast Implant Profile Matters. Breast implant profile is useful when you are trying to get a breast shape that fits your frame.

Low Profile Implants: Implants with a low profile are the widest and provide minimal projection. They are relatively flat in appearance but often provide more cleavage than higher profile implants. Low profile implants are often ideal for women with wider chests who seek a more natural end result.

Low profile implants are most often used for patients who want a very subtle enhancement. Ultra high-profile implants are best suited for women who desire extremely noticeable augmentation, or who are seeking complete reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy.