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male breasts lavender oil

Mar 19, 2018 · A new study shows that chemicals in lavender, tea tree oil, and other essential oils may be endocrine disrupters resulting in male breast growth. Yes, you should be worried. Search.Author: Korin Miller.

Mar 18, 2018 · This may be alarming to males who don't like breasts in that way. But even if you for some reason want larger breasts, this does not mean that you should start smearing lavender and tea tree oil Author: Bruce Y. Lee.

Jan 31, 2007 · Jan. 31, 2007 -- Repeated use of products containing lavender oil or tea tree oil may spur breast growth in prepubertal boys, experts report in The New England Journal of Medicine. The effects Author: Miranda Hitti.

Known for its delicate scent and calming effects, it is a common ingredient in soaps, hair products and sachets, and can also be applied to your body as an essential oil. Recent research indicates that lavender oil may act as a phytoestrogen and stimulate gynecomastia, a condition of abnormal breast growth, in prepubescent boys.

A study published in this week’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that repeated topical use of products containing lavender oil and/or tea tree oil may cause prepubertal gynecomastia, a rare condition resulting in enlarged breast tissue in boys prior .