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P3 Pliable Penis Pump pliable penis pump

Mar 14, 2017 · It's pliable, but barely. You couldn't fold it in half or even squeeze it to touch one wall to the other. The plastic tube connecting the bulb pump to the chamber is super thin and crappy.3.4/5(2).

Aug 27, 2011 · P3 = pliable penis pump. put it in, pump it up, push it out, repeat as often as you like. innovative, functional and exciting. made of soft yet firm pvc, the p3 penis pump is at the forefront of technology. the inflation tube is inside the cylinder body.0;the bulb-operated vacuum can be disconnected and removed without loss of pressure utilizing doc johnson’s patented quick-disconnect valve 3/5(1).

Everything You Want In A Penis Pump! Start with an 8-inch tall pliable chamber that will never crack or break. Get a super snug vacuum-fit penis pump with the Reduction Ring that will fit 4/5(7).

Water penis pumps use a combination of warm water and suction to expand the tissue. Water pumps can provide more uniform enlargement, and warm liquids naturally relax tissue. Introducing water can result in spillage, so you need to be more careful about where you use your penis pump. Most penis pumps have a clear plastic housing so you or your.

Description: This is the world's first Pliable Penis Pump™. The pump itself is made from a soft pliable material for extra pumping comfort. It has the same features as the rest though, with a quick release valve on the cord and a reduction ring on the bottom for a perfect fit.