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Stained glass windows inspire wonder in the beholder, whether it be the awesome custom stained glass windows of a towering cathedral, the delicate patterning and color of an interior stained glass door or any other stained glass project. Our glass workers are true artists, painting with colored glass and creating colored light. Transform your home with custom made stained glass elements.

Stained Glass. Stained glass is widely popular, not only for its appearance, but for the privacy it can provide as well. It can serve as a lovely alternative to blinds or drapery, veiling your home from the public, without sacrificing natural light.

Custom Stained Glass Hand painted stained glass is much more labor intensive, and involves an artist. With hand painted stained glass and the experience of a gifted, experienced artist, you can obtain a much higher level of detail in your stained glass window. but you will see in our portfolio that there are many other potential designs.

Let Custom Art Designs LLC in Champaign, Illinois, make custom stained glass art, as well as watercolor and oil paintings, for you. I also offer egg and glass engraving .

20 Years in Business has Perfected Our Unique, Custom Stained Glass Design Process. Our clients can choose from hundreds of our existing designs or they can create and manufacture a completely custom stained glass design which will never be repeated again. With over 200 different textures and colors to choose from the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.