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Wet Dog Smell. Have you ever wondered why your dog stinks right after a bath? Microorganisms like yeast and bacteria quietly live in your dog’s fur, and as long as the fur stays dry, there’s little odor, the American Chemical Society explains in this video. When your dog takes a bath or goes for a swim, the water causes the release of.

My Dog’s Breath Smells Like Urine What Does Normal Dog Breath Smell Like? First, what does normal dog breath smell like? This is a very good question. Usually, normal dog breath doesn’t have a particular odor. Just as in people, a healthy mouth shouldn’t give off any particularly strong odors.

A few days ago I noticed that my dog's urine smells a bit strong. I can't really describe the smell - it was somewhat musty and more alkaline than I would have expected. I don't know if it's normal because I don't normally smell her pee.

Mar 23, 2019 · Five possible reasons dogs smell fishy: you are sitting on your couch when suddenly you get a whiff of a strong fishy smell coming from your dog, Read more. “A urinary tract infection will cause a smell like this. In most cases a dog with a bad infection will need to urinate more often and may even pass blood. Infections are more common.

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Stink? but normal expression is supposed to occur when the dog defecates. So if your dog smells like fish all the time, something is wrong. (anal glands or urinary tract) or an all over smell (skin). Your veterinarian can advise you on ways to address the smell and make sure that your dog is not suffering from.