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Pokemon is about battling so is it necessary to add gay charcters? In the end i still there should be a gay character added in the pokemon games, but they should do it very subtle and make sure that he or she is not charactersised for being gay. But what do you guys think?Author: 🌈Sirknight🌈.

Sep 06, 2013 · This is Japan after all, the undisputed king of stereotypes (sit back down, America). They'd likely make a gay character all flamboyant and stereotypical which would make y'all even angrier. I'm not bashing gay people or anything, but I just don't think Pokemon is the best place to put such characters simply because there wouldn't be many ways to.Operating System: 3ds.

The following are male characters. The following are male characters.

Nov 10, 2014 · There is hardly any blatant sexuality in the pokemon games. You can honestly interpret the characters sexuality in anyway you want. Aside from those who are clearly married to a woman/man within the game like Norman, and Lenora to name a few, you can envision just about anyone as gay.

Unlike Ash's previous rivals, Paul is a grumpy and serious trainer whose only concern towards Pokémon is their ability to act in battle and who believes that forming bonds with Pokémon dilutes their potential, and is thereby seen by many characters for being the complete opposite of Ash.