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Was John Wayne gay? repoman comment john wayne gay

Feb 19, 2009 · John Wayne: QUEEN of Hollywood? Red River was nicknamed "the gay cowboy movie" a long time ago and rumor has it that there are gay undertones to all of John Wayne's films. How about that one comment: "John Wayne and Michael Landon had an affair for six years. Anyone who s on the inside in Hollywood knows this".

Jun 07, 2004 · At 3/29/04 10:55 PM, SKUNKbrs wrote: "Nor did Wayne protest the casting of Rock Hudson in The Undefeated even though, like the rest of Hollywood, he was well aware that the actor was a homosexual." See? See? " he [John Wayne] was well aware that the actor [Rock Hudson] was a homosexual." Nya nya nya. Proof.

Aug 29, 2006 · No way! My Grandpa was with him many years ago in a run down bar in Scottsdale Arizona after a movie set, drinking and laughing,(My grandpa said he had odd humor) He said the bar owner closed the doors for them as Mr. Wayne was having sex with two chicks right in public.Status: Resolved.

This is a ridiculous claim by Jensen. Not only did John Wayne work on The Drop Kick in 1927, he appears on-screen and is clearly visible and identifiable. It is not a “legend” as Jensen claims, it is a provable fact. Regarding John Wayne’s parents, Clyde and Mary Morrison, as well as Wayne’s childhood, Jensen writes: 1.

JOHN WAYNE: AMERICAN, by James Olson & Randy Roberts is the definitive Wayne biography, in my opinion. It covers in excruciating detail the draft controversy and recreates draft notices, letters between Wayne and the draft board, and between Republic Pictures and the draft board, as well as correspondence between Wayne and John Ford on the subject.