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This is common in uncircumcised baby boys after birth, when the foreskin is stuck in place and can’t be pulled back over the tip of the penis. ALSO SEE: The facts about circumcision. Symptoms. Redness, pain and swelling of the tip of the penis during urination, which is for a short duration. White lumps under the foreskin. Causes.

A circumcision is the removal of most of the male foreskin. The incision starts off red and tender. The tenderness should be much less by day 3. The scab at the incision line comes off in 7 to 10 days. If a Plastibell (plastic ring) was used, it should fall off by 14 days. 10 days is the average.

My son had this happen when he was 5 months old. He was fine when he went to bed, but in the morning his penis was red and very swollen. We went to the dr and she found a small scratch on his penis. I didn't see it because it was so swollen and I didn't want to hurt him. She said he probably had.

When to get medical attention for toddler's swollen penis. g by gss200. For parents with toddler boys, I am concerned about how my 4 year old son's penis appeared red and swollen today. He complained about pain when I was drying him with a towel after a bath, and that is when I noticed it. However, he can pee without 2 Comments Last updated.

The list of organs typically affected by Penis swelling may include, but is not limited to: Penis. Detailed list of causes of Penis swelling. The list below shows some of the causes of Penis swelling mentioned in various sources: "ammonia burn" penis ulcers Condoms and diaphragms induced allergies - penis swellingNext: Causes of Penis swelling.