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Aug 12, 2019 · I want to discuss how to determine the armor penetration of weapons both in real life and fiction. Also relevant is discussing what we actually know about various weapons that could help us to determine this(ie. projectile mass and velocity for KE penetrators, energy output per area per amount of time for energy weapons, rotations per amount of time and sharpness of chainsaw and similar.

This course presents and develops the fundamental and underlying principles of penetration mechanics. The developed fundamental relationships are applied to areas such as hypervelocity impact, shaped-charge penetration, long-rod penetration, small arms, ballistic protection and armor design. Special emphasis is placed on a description of material response at high strain rates.

After the point of penetration, the shell begins to lose armor penetration at the following rate: 5% of the remaining armor penetration per 10 cm of shell travel (50% per 1 meter of screen-to-armor clearance) Tracks act as a screen for HEAT shells. Mechanics. The shell hits a certain point of the tank. The distance to the impact point is.

Armor penetration is a champion statistic that reduces the effective armor of the target (vs. the champion with armor penetration). Example: 10% armor penetration causes a target to take physical damage as though they had 10% less armor; 10% armor penetration is equivalent to fighting a target.

Apr 24, 2016 · Mechanism of Armor Penetration. Watertown, Mas- sachusetts, Watertown Arsenal. 710/492. 36. APPENDIX A: BALLISTIC PERFORMANCE INDEX When inspecting penetration, the armour is divided into two sectors in the direction of the projectile and into three sector in a radial direction. In sector I the material flows into radially and in sector II the.