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A supernatural wedding. Epilogue. Vikas brings his mother-in-law under his control. The spark of attraction burns hot between Katie and Jamie. Two ex-lovers reunite at a wedding. A family's love is burnt into ashes but then is renewed. and other exciting erotic at!

We had arrived in Amsterdam to attend my Aunt's wedding. She was going to marry a Dutch guy she met while working there. He owned a fancy spa in Vianen where the wedding would be held. My mother took time away from work and I skipped a week of classes from college. It .

Aunt Maureen. Guilty mother makes her horny son an offer he can't refuse. A straight man, with a gay past. Daughter after dad. A getaway trip with his boyfriend and his dad begins. A story of perversion and genetics. and other exciting erotic at!

First up was the reception. Remember now, we were pretty much in the nude from here on. Seeing the wedding party, with two incredibly fit people (myself and mom) and the balance 'normal' or 'sub-normal' (like dad, who was like 'flab city' material)--I can see why .

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