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Can a Christian married couple engage in kinky sex, roleplay, a threesome, orgy, orgies, oral sex (oralsex), anal sex, different positions (kama sutra / kamasutra)? Can a Christian married couple use a vibrator / vibrators / dildo or other sex toys to achieve an orgasm / orgasms?

Answers to various questions about sexuality from a Christian and biblical perspective, carm.org.

Nov 24, 2015 · One of the most fun parts of my Girl Talk presentation–when I go into churches and talk about marriage, sex, and intimacy–is the anonymous Q&A when I answer people’s embarrassing questions about sex–questions they’ve had for ages, but have never been able to ask. This month I .

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Sex in marriage. Can birth control pills kill unborn babies? Is oral sex Biblically wrong within a Christian marriage? Abuse. Sexual Abuse of Children—What is it? How widespread is child sexual abuse? One survivor tells her story. Includes ways to find help. I think I was sexually abused, but I’m not sure.