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The risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is high among persons who exchange sex for money or nonmonetary items. Few large-scale (population-based) studies have been done on HIV among this diverse group of people.

It measures progress in implementing HIV testing and counselling among sex workers Rationale In order to protect themselves and to prevent infecting others, it is important for sex workers to know their HIV status.

The clients of sex workers act as a 'bridge population', transmitting HIV between sex workers and the general population. High HIV prevalence among the male clients of sex workers has been detected in studies globally.21 22 23. Injecting drug use. Sex workers who inject drugs and share needles are at a particularly high risk of HIV infection.

Aug 22, 2018 · A number of studies have found that bringing HIV self-testing to potential users can increase HIV testing rates among key populations such as sex workers.DOI: 10.1007/s10461-018-2248-5.

HIV self-testing is positioned by the World Health Organisation as a way to increase testing for key populations, such as sex workers. Its also viewed as a mechanism to reach the 90-90-90 goals laid out by UNAIDS whereby 90% of all HIV positive individuals are diagnosed, 90% of all persons diagnosed are on a treatment plan and finally, 90% of those receiving treatment are virally suppressed by the year .