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It is estimated that nearly 11 million people were persecuted as well as slaughtered during the Holocaust. The Nazis did not spare women or children. About 6 million Jews were sent to concentration camps and the remaining 5 million comprised of homosexuals, gypsies, political activists, Jehovah's witnesses and disabled people.

Dan Stone, a specialist in Holocaust historiography, defines the Holocaust as the genocide of the Jews, whom the Nazis regarded not as racially inferior, deviant, or enemy nationals, as they did other groups, but as a "Gegenrasse: a 'counter-race', that is to say, not really human at all". But he writes that the Holocaust can only be understood as part of the "'Nazi empire' with its grandiose demographic Deaths: Around 6 million Jews.

Oct 14, 2009 · Holocaust Death Camps, 1941-1945. At Auschwitz alone, more than 2 million people were murdered in a process resembling a large-scale industrial operation. A large population of Jewish and non-Jewish inmates worked in the labor camp there; though only Jews were gassed, thousands of others died of starvation or disease.

Apr 15, 2015 · According to Greif, sexual abuse and rape of Jews, including children, was a limited phenomenon because of the Nazi racial laws that prohibited Germans from having sexual relations with Jews.

Jun 20, 2018 · Jews separated from families during the Holocaust condemn US border policy (JTA) — A group representing children hidden during the Holocaust slammed the U.S. border policy of separating families Author: Josefin Dolsten.