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For vintage car enthusiasts though, it was the vintage race car entries that captures their fancy. Each and every Mille Miglia vintage car race entry that competed in the race were machines that were superior in that era. Each of them had a distinct advantage over the other and those were the sports cars that people coveted then.

Mille Miglia Museum. Since November 2004, the former Monastery of S. Eufemia at Brescia houses the Mille Miglia Museum, which illustrates the history of this car race with films, memorabilia, dresses, posters, and a number of classic cars that are periodically replaced by other in case of participation in events. See alsoVenue: Italy.

For the last several years, the Mille Miglia race has been under new management. If you’ve participated in the past but haven’t been back recently, you can expect a much better all-around-event – albeit a bit more commercial. Here are a few tips about the new Mille Miglia for those considering giving the vintage car race .

This will be the 30th Anniversary of the California Mille. Request for entry for the 2020 California Mille will start around late October 2019! For more information about the event, please see the California Mille page. An Inside Look at the California Mille. by Mark Leonard, Vintage Road & Racecar. THE 29TH CALIFORNIA MILLE MIGLIA.

How To Get An Entry On The Mille Miglia By David Lillywhite May 08, 2018 features When the famous Mille Miglia road race was banned in 1957, everyone thought that was the end. ‘Much as I understand the will to drive the Mille Miglia in a car which is modern enough to be easy and comfortable, with plenty of performance and good Author: David Lillywhite.