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Oct 25, 2018 · The blog lived for 10 years, which i guess is better than most. Crazed hardcore punk from New Hampshire. It has the vicious energy of a band like Urban Waste mixed with the dark vibes of Rudimentary Peni. In other words it's great stuff. This is an upgrade of a collection i had on the blog nearly 10 years ago.

Records 1 * Disfigure the Pious 1 * I LOVE MOSH: HEAVYWEIGHT COMPILATION VOL 6 1 * I LOVE MOSH: HEAVYWEIGHT COMPILATION VOL 7 1 * Kill The Addict 1 * The Underground Sampler: Worldwide Vol. II 1 *.leaves 1 *⪤ 1 *0181 Beatdown 1 *03 1 *100% Cotton 1 *10Fold 1 *4 Life 1 *4 Way Split Overseas 1 *43 Urban 2 *6 Weapons 1 *9 Circles Of Hell 1 *95th.

Kingpin was a Massachusetts-based band active from 1990 to 1993 that took cues from NYHC, Melodic Hardcore like Verbal Assault, and Metal riffs to create an early incarnation of the "New School" style popularized by many bands throughout the duration of the era.

Jun 15, 2017 · mediafire music hardcore crust emo reviews blogspot. Ian Shelton is one of the hardest working people in punk right now. He recently released a tape from his new project: Regional Justice Center, in which he does vocals and plays every instrument.

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