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Aug 03, 2018 · Life Aboard Your Own Caboose: How to Buy a Train Car modern train operations having made most vintage cars unsafe. In addition, most trains no longer carry cabooses, so . does not broker railcars nor equipment. We purchase and sell railcars and other equipment, so you deal with us as the equipment owner. Our mission: To exceed our clients reasonable expectations, as we provide quality used Cabooses & Passenger cars, specialty cars, track materials, and other railroad-related items. Company profile.

Own a caboose. For groups and individuals thinking about purchasing a caboose, here is one person's story. But an HO-scale train circling the Christmas tree in the living room is a far cry from a 1-to-1 scale railcar sitting underneath the pine trees next to your house. $200 Purchase price of the caboose..$18,500 Rail transportation.

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Rare conductor's train caboose wood match holder. Information about this item was provided by a individual who collected railroad items. I have based the description from that information. This holder was kept by the conductor to use with the lighting of the lanterns. You can tell by the way this is built, its very old, a few wood matches remain.