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After traveling the world for the last 8 years, I’ve noticed many differences between foreign and American women. Here’s a list of reasons why American women make terrible wives and girlfriends. They’re fat. They cheat a lot. They care more about their career than being a good mother. They age poorly. They lose their virginity at a young age.Author: Tarik.

Aug 23, 2013 · After a RVF thread surfaced showing how terrible even Google thinks American women are, I got curious as to what it had to say about other nationalities of women.. The results.not so shocking, though they are hilarious. Let’s get this party started with the RVF’s favorite pastime, bashing American chicks.

Dec 13, 2013 · American women have the worst attitudes in the world. Pretty much every negative quality you can think of, American women embody it—selfishness, immaturity, narcissism, fake personalities, arrogance, and anger. In short, American women are a real pain in the ass to be around.

Oct 13, 2016 · We know women suck but among these foul creatures, American women are simply the worst. I’ve made a list to explain why: 1) Increasingly ugly. American women are becoming uglier, most of them are obese, have bad skin and with the extreme attention they get they realize they don’t need to exercise/eat well.

Jan 14, 2014 · Common sense is nonexistent with American women. The real reason why American women like shopping, or rather, shopping for useless crap, is because they are emotional creatures. That leads to impulse buying. They will buy things at the register that they don't need, but they don't realize it until afterwards that they didn't need it.Author: Andy.