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Olive Oil in Ceramic Bottle 8.45 oz - Olis Geraci | Eataly geraci extra virgin olive oil

Ceramic Geraci combines two Sicilian traditions: olive oil and ceramic ones. Icon of Sicily, this Mediterranean-style ceramic guarding the taste and the scents of our extra virgin olive oil. Each ceramics is entirely hand made, it is a unique piece, with decorations always different from each other.

PDO Olive oil, preserves and already sauces The Opera Valle del Belìce PDO extra virgin olive oil is by its nature a perfect fruity oil, with a hint of green grass, almond, artichoke and tomato, with a slight spicy, bitter, extremely delicate taste, which enriches food with Mediterranean flavours and fragrances, but without covering the flavour of the dish too much.

“Oro Dolce” extra virgin olive oil: its colour is yellow with intense green hues. The bouquet is very fruity with clear notes of apple, freshly mown grass, oregano and fresh almonds. Its bitter sweet taste is followed by a pleasant pungency enriched by the aroma of .

or colorant substances, in GERACI extra-virgin olive oil, "Nocellara del Belice DOP" variety. It's an extremely pure and natural extra-virgin olive oil, produced after strict selections. The picking rigorously handmade and the cold pressing allow to maintain intact both quality and genuineness features.

The Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by Olis Geraci is an extremely pure extra virgin olive oil that is natural and comes from a careful selection of the olives.